How to rob an ATM 10 different ways!

ATMs are a convenient way for consumers to access cash, but they are also prime targets for criminals. Here's a look at the top 10 ways criminals are robbing ATMs:

  • Dropping through the ceiling
  • Cutting through the wall
  • Blow torching the safe
  • Jamming the alarm cell signal
  • Destroying the alarm panel
  • Deep insert skimming
  • Spray painting the cameras
  • Man in the middle
  • Jackpotting
  • Hook & Chain attack

Learn the secret to stopping ATM fraud.  View the full list below.

ATM Fraud and Our Security Approach

These methods highlight the ingenuity and determination of criminals who seek to exploit vulnerabilities in ATM systems. However, Cook Solutions Group combats all these attacks with a unique, layered approach to ATM security, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Cook Solutions Group’s 11 Layers of ATM Terminal Security Protection:
  • Video Verification:
    Real-time video monitoring to verify any suspicious activity.
  • Object Detection Analytics:
    Advanced analytics to detect unauthorized objects or actions near the ATM.
  • Sirens and Two-Way Speakers:
    Audible alarms and communication channels to deter and respond to potential threats.
  • Suspicious Activity Notification:
    Alerts sent to relevant authorities upon detection of unusual behavior.
  • Alarm Zone Segmentation:
    Division of ATM areas into zones for targeted alarm responses.
  • Unique ATM Alarm Triggers:
    Customized triggers for different types of attacks, ensuring rapid response.
  • Branch Risk Analysis:
    Comprehensive assessments to identify and mitigate risks specific to each location.
  • Fraud Detection Engine:
    Sophisticated software to detect fraudulent transactions and activities.
  • Alarm Panel Modifications:
    Enhanced alarm panels designed to withstand tampering.
    A secure terminal interface to manage and monitor ATM security systems.
  • Instant Alerts:
    Alerts to yoru cell phone, email or text.

Additionally, Cook Solutions Group emphasizes that w care about our customers, adding a personal touch to their robust security measures. By implementing this multi-layered security approach, Cook Solutions Group ensures that ATMs remain safe and secure, protecting both financial institutions and their customers from potential threats.

Integrating ATMs, ITMs, and point-of-sale systems into the surveillance network, ATM Terminal Security allows for seamless monitoring of transactional operations.
View one of a kind ATM Dispenser Camera.

Watch the Video.

Terminal Security suite tackles ATM and ITM security challenges by utilizing advanced tools below:

RemoteView Electronic Journals & Security Plus
SAN Camera & Fraudulent Detection Engine
This integrated approach merges AI surveillance, transaction validation, and screen recording for a comprehensive defense against physical and digital risks. With real-time monitoring and proactive threat detection, we proactively safeguards against security breaches, ensuring terminal security and aiding in dispute resolution. This strategy underscores our commitment to providing a secure, intelligent, and adaptable security ecosystem, positioning it as a pivotal solution for contemporary financial institutions facing diverse threats.

This video showcases the comprehensive security coverage provided by CSG's Terminal Security suite in action. Witness the seamless integration of ATM screen recording, strategic surveillance from overhead and PikoEDGE ATM cameras, alongside a focused view from a cash dispensing camera, all working in concert to deliver unparalleled protection and insight.


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