Transforming Video Surveillance

Revolutionizing Video Surveillance with Serverless Cameras.

Our Unique Approach

PikoEDGE is at the cutting edge of surveillance technology, offering a range of cameras that are powered by PikoVIDEO, the advanced video management system by CSG. This innovative line includes 4K Dome, 360, and ATM cameras, all designed to run PikoVIDEO directly on the device, merging high-definition surveillance with the power of edge computing, and no NVR needed. It is Serverless.

Standalone Operation:
PikoEDGE cameras operate independently, eliminating the need for a network video recorder (NVR), simplifying installation, and reducing system complexity.
Unified Access:
Whether on the Edge or through a NVR, access all cameras via the PikoVIDEO client, providing a seamless user experience.
Scalable Solutions:
From small setups to extensive surveillance networks, PikoEDGE grows with your needs, ensuring future-proof security.

PikoEDGE Cameras.

Exclusive Dispenser Camera.

Innovative Dispenser Camera Transforms Banking by Resolving Disputes and Preventing Fraud. Plus, seamless non-proprietary integration with Video Platforms allows for the encapsulation and sharing of entire transactions with case management.

Key Features:

Open Integration: Nonproprietary IP Camera integrates with your video management platform.
Enhanced Security: Identify disputes and ATM skimming with real time and recorded video.
Improved Efficiency: Encapsulate & share the entire transaction with case management
User Friendly: Centralized management for all transaction disputes
Plus: Event to video integration available
Driven by the “We Make it Happen” mentality and customer frustration with a stagnant process, we questioned the lack of VMS-integrated dispenser slot cameras. Our solution was to develop the most compact 2MP IP-connected camera, meticulously working to secure and mount it appropriately. Introducing CSG’s latest innovation: the dispenser slot camera. This camera, integrated with your existing VMS platform, offers new insights into customer/member disputes and terminal balance issues by providing clear visibility into money dispensing activities, eliminating obstructions often faced by overview cameras.

The dispenser slot camera also addresses security concerns, such as card skimming, by detecting 3D printed panels with hidden pinhole cameras and other threats like jackpotting. This new angle enhances customer interaction views at terminals, advancing our goal of a holistic customer experience. This technology not only improves dispute resolution and operational efficiency but also helps in fraud detection, resulting in better customer experiences, reduced operational costs, and potential reductions in fraudulent losses.


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The Cook Command Center is a secure centralized web interface that enables you to view and manage your equipment and information anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Access service history, preventative maintenance, & survey information
  • View Real-Time Status and Electronic Journals with RemoteView ATM
  • Request service for fastest response times
  • User-friendly Case Management makes it easy to interact with law enforcement
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