Randy Neu

Chief Marketing Officer

Randy Neu is the Chief Marketing Officer for Cook Solutions Group. Randy brings over 25+ years’ experience in Sales, Service, & Marketing across multiple industries from sports and the Portland Trail Blazers to security to financial institution branch transformation to remote technologies, currently with Cook Solutions Group. Several common denominators Randy follows are treat customers and coworkers how you’d like to be treated, be a strong listener, and demonstrate integrity. Randy is an avid reader and researcher of the latest industry trends and excited to experience and embrace how traditional services and solutions are being transformed by the acceleration of technology. Randy specializes in solutions designed to grow revenue, reduce operational costs, and genuinely enjoys sharing experiences that help customers achieve their goals and objectives in this age of technology and fast-paced business navigation.

Randy is still a big basketball fan and his newest passion is standup paddleboarding.  He resides in Portland OR along with his wife and twin sons, also basketball junkies.