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We changed the game by putting customer experience first. We obsess over new ways to deliver exceptional experiences. At CSG we believe in taking your complex world and simplifying it. Talk to a CSG representative about how our ITM systems can increase your reach and hours while protecting your bottom line.

Reduce ITM time & costs by 78%, and be fully operational within 6 months with CSG! Watch the video.

Talk to a CSG representative about how our ITM systems can increase your reach and hours while protecting your bottom line.

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Why an Interactive Teller Machine?

  • Easily expand branch footprint
  • Differentiate from competition
  • Extend teller hours
  • Lower transactions costs
  • Reduce transaction times
  • Improve customer satisfaction in drive-up’s
  • ITMs help you shift your branch focus from transactional, to sales and advisory to drive profitable growth
  • Increase revenue, lower operational costs


The Cook Solutions Group National Coverage Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Certified Subcontractors network brings the innovative and transformational solutions of Cook Solutions Group to vendors and Financial Institutions across the country. Our Remote View ATM/ITM managed services technology is an easy add on solution for our National Coverage Value Added Reseller's to implement to their ATM, ITM, and video customers.  The core of the Remote View product lines is our Cook Command Center.  Cook Command Center is a secure centralized web interface enabling you to view your equipment anytime, anywhere, on ANY device. View current status and request service for your entire fleet through our dashboard. Maximize uptime, protection, and compliance.  CSG also provides a full line of Professional Services such as ITM server hosting and our own video management system, PIKO Video Surveillance.  

Exclusive Dispenser Camera Revolutionizes Banking Industry by Helping Solve Disputes and Fraud.

Plus, seamless non-proprietary integration with Video Platforms allows for the encapsulation and sharing of entire transactions with case management.

The ”We Make it Happen” mentality and our customers frustration of seeing a process not evolve for 20 years became the reason we asked the question, “why doesn’t anyone have a VMS integrated dispenser slot camera working.”  So, we went to work.  We found the most compact 2MP IP connected camera we could and worked together to figure out how to make it workand how to properly secure/mount the camera into the appropriate location.  Introducing CSGs newest offering: the dispenser slot camera.  Integrated into your existing VMS platform, you can now add another resource for researching those curious customer/member disputes and those terminals out of balance that have left you puzzled.  This camera allows your associates to have a new visibility into whether any money was dispensed from the terminal, whether any of the funds might have been retracted back into the machine, whether the customer might have failed to retrieve the funds altogether, etc.  Often, the overview camera gets blocked by the customer or some other obstruction so being able to see this clearly is difficult.  The dispenser slot camera eliminates this issue.

Many times, we have seen card skimming at terminals also include a 3d printed panel that hides a pinhole camera for retrieving PINs.  This panel is commonly placed near the dispenser.  The dispenser slot camera now allows you to see activity such as the installation of these types of panels, activities related to jackpotting, and activity around other potential threats.

Adding another angle to the view of a customer interaction at an institution’s terminal is another step into our ultimate goal of creating a holistic view of the customer experience.  Helping to resolve customer disputes quicker, make your recon team more operationally efficient in their balancing processes, as well as help detect fraudulent activity is a trifecta of benefits to this new technology; improved customer experience, lower operational costs, and potential reduction in fraudulent losses.

Key features:

  1. Advanced Technology: Nonproprietary IP Camera integrates with your video management platform.
  2. Enhanced Security: Identify disputes and ATM skimming with real time and recorded video.
  3. Improved Efficiency: Encapsulate & share the entire transaction with case management
  4. User Friendly: Centralized management for all transaction disputes 
  5. Plus: Event to video integration available

Upgrade your banking infrastructure with our Dispenser Cameras – where advanced technology meets enhanced security, setting new standards in ATM/ITM surveillance.

Please contact us today about getting this new and exciting technology on your ATM/ITM terminals. PIKO users, please ask us about how we can help integrate this camera into your existing camera and transaction analytics.

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*Immediately available for the NCR ATM/ITM 6684, 6688 & 6682 series.

Our Solutions

Why ATM | ITM Managed & Professional Services?

Meet RemoteView. A powerful managed services platform. RemoteView Managed Service delivers the power and convenience of an additional IT department. Powered by the award-winning support of Cook Solutions Group, RemoteView can support your IT and security workload.


Reduce service calls with remote troubleshooting for an expedited resolution. Includes remotely identifying the problem and repair of basic software issues for increased uptime.

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Windows Patch Management

Maintain compliance and keep your ATMs | ITMs secure with up to date Microsoft software patches.

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Hard Drive Encryption

Lock down your hard drive with 256-bit encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

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Electronic Journals & Analytics

View and download real-time electronic journal activity and reports which are uploaded automatically.

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Security Plus

Protect your devices with trusted application control to prevent malicious attacks.

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Marketing Screens

Deploy advertisement screens to any and all ATMs | ITMs, automatically at times you choose.

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