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Security with Cook Solutions Group

We offer a wide variety of solutions within the technology and security spaces. From video surveillance hardware and software, to access control systems, and cybersecurity (and everything in between) we make it happen.

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State of the Art Surveillance: Made Simple

Introducing you to Piko.

CSG has worked to produce a best in class VMS system. Piko provides a seamless viewing and maintenance experience whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device. Using Piko is as simple as integrating the software with your existing camera system, or having CSG install new hardware at your location.

Piko has loads of build in features to help you keep your perimeter secure or search your stored data to find when an incident occurred. With the ability to hyper focus or ignore certain areas in your field of view, Piko allows you to set specific perimeters unique to your business needs.

When an alarm is triggered, or a camera stops functioning, view all your alerts, camera footage, and analytics in one simple to use platform and save valuable time should an incident ever occur.

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Oregon Community Credit Union

“We are working to replace all of our ATMS with ITMs.”

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