Why CSG Squatch BBQ Sauce?

Step back to the flavorful year of 2003, just one year after the inception of Cook Solutions Group (CSG). A remarkable journey began with an unexpected twist – a long-standing CSG customer found themselves with an abundance of BBQ sauce, a unique dilemma indeed. This customer's husband, skilled in crafting delectable BBQ sauce, usually supplied local grocery stores. However, this time, the stores had already stocked up, leaving them with surplus sauce.

As fate would have it, CSG was gearing up for a regional banking and security conference. In need of a captivating giveaway for their booth, CSG saw an opportunity to support their partner and seized it. They acquired 25 cases of this exceptional BBQ sauce, transforming it into the highlight of their booth at the conference. Little did they know that this seemingly simple act would spark a culinary sensation.

Fast forward to the next regional banking show a few months later, but this time, the signature sauce was absent. Attendees eagerly inquired, "Where's that incredible BBQ sauce?" This moment marked a turning point. The secret sauce had become a sought-after sensation! From that point onward, the CSG BBQ sauce became an intrinsic part of the company's identity. It wasn't just a trade show giveaway; it became a symbol of their commitment to excellence.

The sauce's popularity soared, becoming a cherished tradition not only at trade shows but also during customer visits, tech summits, and even among employees. CSG proudly imprinted their logo on the bottles, symbolizing the key ingredients that drive their success: dedication, partnership, and innovation.

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To elevate this legacy, CSG forged a partnership with the local BBQ virtuoso, Brian Gurney, and the acclaimed Bad Bones BBQ from Clackamas, OR. A serendipitous alignment emerged as both CSG and Bad Bones shared the essence of homegrown entrepreneurship. Brian's journey from graphic designer to barbecue competition champion mirrored CSG's dedication to growth and excellence.

If you're as captivated by the sauce's story as we are, you will be excited to know we added adds Squatch BBQ Rub. Made by the same great partner, Bad Bones BBQ, our rub is perfect for any kind of meats and can be used as a stand alone or combined with our Squatch BBQ Sauce. The journey is just getting started!

CSG Squatch BBQ Rub compliments BBQ Sauce!

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