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Cook Solutions Group

If you like our sauce, you’ll love our service.

October 31, 2023

Our customers love our BBQ sauce and often ask us the story behind it. You’re a solutions company, why the sauce?

CSG Squatch BBQ Sauce + Beast BBQ Sauce

The history of our signature CSG BBQ sauce started in 2003 as a one-off, but now it’s a core part of our trade show experience and customer visits.

It was 2003, only one year after Cook Solutions Group was founded and a long time CSG customer had a dilemma. As a side business, the customer’s husband would produce BBQ sauce and sell it to grocery stores. Only, this time, the stores had all already filled their orders so he was left with a large batch of sauce. As luck would have it, CSG was attending a regional banking & security conference and needed a giveaway item to hand out at our booth. Being a good business partner, CSG purchased 25 cases of sauce and handed out the bottles at the show.

Thinking not much of it, CSG then booked another regional banking show several months later, but this time with no sauce. That’s when the out cry happened. “Hey, where is that awesome bbq sauce?”. Then the light bulb moment happened. The secret sauce was a hit! Ever since then the CSG bbq sauce has become CSG’s signature giveaway, not just at trade shows, but during customer visits, tech summits, and available to employees too. We even rebranded it with our CSG logo and the key ingredients of success!

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Need sauce or have a recipe to share?  Click here.

The Next Generation of our Sauce was launched at our Security Summit by Sasquatch himself. So, if you like our sauce, you’ll love our service…and it just got better! New and improved "Squatch" BBQ Sauce.

Our BBQ Sauce has always been a signature giveaway at tradeshows, tech summits and customer visits. To continue the tradition, CSG has partnered up with local sauce guru, Brian Gurney and Bad Bones BBQ out of Clackamas OR. Brian Cook states, “We felt a partnership with Brian and Bad Bones made the most sense since his story is similar to CSG. He’s home grown out of Oregon and even located in Clackamas OR, CSG’s initial home office.” Ironic that these two entrepreneurs are both named Brian and both competitive in their respective industries.   

A quick Bad Bones BBQ history: Brian was formerly a graphic designer but started competing in local BBQ sauce competitions back in 2010 on an old Weber he had under his deck. Low and behold he won his first competition. He was hooked and the rest was history. Bad Bones even came in #1 at the KCBS competition (Kansas City, known for the best BBQ). Quite the accomplishment amongst the Nation’s best! Brian loves both the social activity of hanging out with fellow BBQers as well as the thrill of competing. He’s expanded his portfolio to over different sauces and just introduced a family of seasonings as well (yes coming soon). What’s Brian’s favorite meat to BBQ? “I like brisket the best as it’s the most challenging. However, I love BBQing anything. Pork, Chicken, Tri Tip, Burgers and even Chili. “BBQ is an art form. Probably why I like it so much being a former graphic designer” – Brian shares. You can find all of Bad Bones BBQ sauces and rubs here or look for them at your local BBQ stores. What’s next for Brian? “I’m working on a hot sauce that will complement Mexican food”. Brian also caters for parties of 50 or more people if you have a large event on the horizon. I know CSG will use him a lot in the near future! Cheers!

Look for the CSG bbq sauce at a trade show near you!  
If you like our sauce, you’ll love our service! Request a bottle of sauce?