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Explore how we can revolutionize your banking experience and help you bring the best technology and services to your customers. From ITMs, ATMs, and TCRs, to our innovative imaging software, Conveyance, Think CSG First.
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Check Automation with Conveyance

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Currency Cash Counters | Discriminators

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Digital & Video Banking

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Drive Ups & Tube Systems

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Instant Card Issuance

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Professional Services and SaaS Cloud Solutions

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Smart Lockers

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TCRs & Cash Management

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Check Imaging & Data Consolidation

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Automate the check depositing process, review and repair images, and replace the need for an expensive server and excessive labor hours.
Conveyance will create and transfer an x937 (FED file) through ATMs and ITMs to your desired destination.

Improve operational efficiencies with Conveyance and save an average of 70% compared to other providers over the lifetime of the product.
What’s better than that? It integrates with a host of other Cook products and services.

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The New Personal Touch in Retail Banking.

Keep the personal nature of traditional banking with the convenience of remote technology and managed services. Converting traditional ATMs to ITMs saves you time, money, and extend your reach with an improved consumer experience and a greater ability to automate transactions. Allow your customers to experience all the benefits of traditional banking while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Now is the time to rethink your customer experience.

Bring your best staff into new areas with an Interactive Teller Machine.

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Increase your hours and reach, not your bottom line. That’s the power of ITMs.

State of the Art Surveillance: Made Simple

Beyond Security: The Future of Video is here.

At Cook Solutions Group, we pride ourselves on having the best video surveillance products and services in the industry. From financial institutions, to stadiums, data centers, and coffee shops, video is helping business owners keep tabs on transactions, track movement, and collect customer data, all while protecting their people and assets.

We’ve worked tirelessly to test and improve our systems resulting in several packages all designed to help you get the most out of your video systems.

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Introducing you to Piko.

We worked to produce a best in class Video Management System. Piko, a Unified Security Platform provides a seamless viewing and maintenance experience whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device. Using Piko is as simple as integrating the software with your existing camera system, or having us install new hardware at your location.

Piko has loads of build in features to help you keep your perimeter secure or search your stored data to find when an incident occurred. With the ability to hyper focus or ignore certain areas in your field of view, Piko allows you to set specific perimeters unique to your business needs.

When an alarm is triggered, or a camera stops functioning, view all your alerts, camera footage, and analytics in one simple to use platform and save valuable time should an incident ever occur.

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Experience the best hardware, software, and customer service in the industry.

We don’t offer just products or services alone: we create solutions. Come to us with any issue within the security, banking, or technology space and let us help you maintain, protect, and automate your business. No matter what solution you need, Think CSG First.

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A Contactless Branch Includes:

- Interactive Teller
- Video Banking
- Instant Card Issuance
- Video Analytics
- Endpoint Security

Contactless Branch Includes:

Cash Management & Delivery:



- Professional Services (ITM)

- Instant Card Issuance

- Marketing Screen Updates

- Automated Check Imaging


- Remote Diagnostics

- Windows Updates & Patch Management

- Securty+ Application Control

- Hard Drive Encryption

- Hard Drive Back Up

- Real-time EJ Access & Analytics

- Remote Connectivity / Internet

- Suspicious Activity Notification

- Fraud Detection

- Incident / Case Management

Alarm & Access Control:

- Alarm Panel & Keypad

- Alarm Accessories (motions / glass breaks / etc)

- Access Control Panel

- Access Control Readers

- Remote Alarm & Access Control Management

Video Surveillance:

- PikoVMS

- Intelligent DVR (8TB, 4 Channel)

- HD Cameras

- Incident Management

- Integration with Alarm

- Integration with Access Control

- Heat Mapping

- People Counting

- Site Risk Modeling (Geographic risk as it relates to security)

Video Banking:

- Video Lending

- Video Lending private room

- Video Advertising Wall / flat screen

Product Delivery:

- Smart Lockers

Traditional Equipment:

- Currency Counter


- Guest / Branch WiFi