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CSG provides banknote currency cash counters and discriminators for banks and credit unions that include precise US dollar counterfeit detection, high-speed performance count, and serial number reading (OCR) plus durable, reliable desktop design.

Talk to a CSG representative to maximize cash handling productivity with easy configuration for diverse sorting and pocket accessibility.

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Currency Cash Counters
Currency Cash Recognition

Key Features:

  • Models range from a single pocket with reject to 12 pockets with 2 rejects
  • Discriminators will process up to 1200 notes/min
  • Real-Time Serial Number Reading
  • Multi-functional units can scan and/or separate multiple currencies, Mixed batch, Face and Orientation, SN Scan, and Fitness
  • Web portal for monitoring, usage, SN blacklisting
  • KAR Platform Recognition: Scans in Dual CIS, MG, Infrared, Ultra Violet, RGB, and Serial number.

Why are Kisan Cash Counters different?

Kisan cash counters and discriminators play a crucial role in efficient cash management. These devices handle banknotes and ensure accurate counting.

Kisan Electronics offers advanced solutions for cash management in banks with their range of banknote counters. Notably, the "Newton-A" banknote counter is a part of their product line, providing accurate counting and sorting of banknotes. This technology aids in efficiently processing banknotes, enhancing accuracy, and providing smoother transactions.

Kisan's "K5 5-pocket Currency Fitness Sorter" helps check the condition of money. It rejects damaged bills and sends only good ones to the bank for exchange. These innovative solutions address the needs of banks by streamlining currency processing, contributing to better customer service and overall efficiency

Kisan banknote counters stand out because of their advanced features and capabilities. Kisan Electronics designs these counters to provide efficient cash handling services for banks. The Kisan Newton A currency counter, for instance, is an upgraded version with improved hardware, mechanism stability, and enhanced performance.

The Kisan K-6 Mixed Currency Discriminator is another example, capable of counting, verifying and sorting mixed banknotes. Kisan Electronics' counters are better because they are innovative, accurate, reliable, and can handle different banknotes. Through their continuous development, Kisan counters offer banks an edge in efficient cash management, contributing to smoother operations and customer satisfaction

Newton Mini counter cash counter


The Cook Solutions Group National Coverage Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Certified Subcontractors network brings the innovative and transformational solutions of Cook Solutions Group to vendors and Financial Institutions across the country. Our Remote View ATM/ITM managed services technology is an easy add on solution for our National Coverage Value Added Reseller's to implement to their ATM, ITM, and video customers.  The core of the Remote View product lines is our Cook Command Center.  Cook Command Center is a secure centralized web interface enabling you to view your equipment anytime, anywhere, on ANY device. View current status and request service for your entire fleet through our dashboard. Maximize uptime, protection, and compliance.  CSG also provides a full line of Professional Services such as ITM server hosting and our own video management system, PIKO Video Surveillance.  


Why is a currency cash counter and discriminator important for banks and credit unions?

Currency cash counters and discriminators are crucial tools for banks and credit unions for several reasons:

  1. Efficiency: Cash counters can rapidly count and sort large volumes of banknotes, saving time and reducing the risk of errors compared to manual counting.
  2. Accuracy & Counterfeit Detection: Discriminators not only count but also verify the authenticity of banknotes, detecting counterfeit currency. This ensures that only genuine money enters and circulates within the financial institution.
  3. Audit Trail: These machines provide detailed transaction records, helping with accounting and auditing processes. This traceability is essential for financial institutions to maintain accurate financial records.
  4. Customer Service: Cash counters speed up teller transactions, reducing waiting times for customers. This enhances the overall customer experience and satisfaction.
  5. Security: Currency discriminators often come equipped with advanced security features, such as UV and magnetic ink detection, adding an extra layer of protection against fraud.
  6. Compliance: Banks and credit unions are subject to strict regulatory requirements. Cash counters and discriminators assist in meeting these compliance standards by ensuring accurate and secure cash handling.

What is CSG's easy replacement service plan?

CSG offers a convenient swap service. This service allows you to quickly replace your cash currency counter or discriminator. When something happens to the machine, there is no waiting for parts or a technician.

We will either ship or have a technician bring you and entire new unit. Your bank or credit union is always functioning well, making your employees happy and providing an exceptional customer experience.  

To learn more about the all inclusive easy swap service agreement plan you can request an intro below.

CSG offers various machines to count and handle cash. They also provide Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) from brands like Hyosung, ATEC, and CSG.

Our services cover most brands such as ARCA, Diebold, Glory, De La Rue, and Chima.  We offer cash management and ATM services in certain areas, as well as ITM support for first and second lines. For all of your cash management needs, think CSG first.  

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