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Cook Solutions Group

Affordable, reliable cash counters and discriminators

September 14, 2023

Count Your Cash with Confidence: demo the fastest, most reliable currency cash counter on the market!

demo the fastest, most reliable currency cash counter on the market

The most affordable and reliable Cash Currency Counters and Discriminators. Plus, our easy replacement service plan keeps your bank or credit union up and running.

Discover the convenience of Cook Solutions Group's affordable cash currency counters with an easy swap service plan. Need a reliable currency cash counter? With Cook Solutions Group, you can secure a currency cash counter swiftly, often within 48 hours.

We make sure you have the tools you need, when you need them, by providing efficient solutions. Trust in our technology and security expertise, which spans from ATM, ITM, and TCR sales to comprehensive enterprise security solutions. Stay informed about the latest trends and advancements in bank security through our Bank Security News blog. Experience reliability, ease, and quality service with Cook Solutions Group.

What is a cash currency counter and discriminator?

Currency cash counters play a vital role in banking because of their efficiency and accuracy. These machines streamline the process of counting and verifying large amounts of cash. Saving valuable time for both bank employees and customers. Modern currency counters have advanced features that allow them to quickly identify counterfeit bills.

This technology ensures security and prevents errors, which is crucial in the banking sector. Currency counters are especially beneficial for businesses dealing with international customers, enabling smooth and accurate currency exchange transactions.

Currency cash counters make banking and financial transactions faster, with fewer mistakes, and happier customers. Currency cash counters improve efficiency, reduce errors, and keep customers happy in banking and financial transactions.

Why is a Cash Currency Counter Important?

  1. Efficiency and Accuracy: Modern cash counters can swiftly count large volumes of cash and accurately identify counterfeit bills, minimizing human error and saving time during cash handling processes.
  2. Preventing Fraud: Currency counters can help identify counterfeit bills, reducing the risk of accepting fake money.
  3. Audit and Compliance: Cash counters provide accurate records, aiding in financial audits and ensuring compliance with regulations.
  4. Time and Cost Savings: By automating the cash counting process, businesses can reduce labor costs associated with manual counting and improve overall operational efficiency.
  5. International Business: For businesses dealing with international transactions, these counters can handle and organize different currencies, streamlining accounting and financial operations.

Investing in a currency counter can enhance financial operations, reduce errors, and improve overall cash management for businesses.

What is CSG's easy replacement service plan?

CSG offers a convenient swap service. This service allows you to quickly replace your cash currency counter or discriminator. When something happens to the machine, there is no waiting for parts or a technician.

We will either ship or have a technician bring you an entire new unit. Your bank or credit union is always functioning well, making your employees happy and providing an exceptional customer experience.  

To learn more about the all inclusive easy swap service agreement plan you can request an intro below.

Watch the Kisan Cash Currency Counter video

What do we mean when we say Cash Handling or Cash Management or Cash Automation?

Our bank and credit union customers have several cash-related problems. These problems include Confederate bank notes, old bills, disputes, and the time employees spend on cash-related issues.

Questions about Currency Cash Counters for banks and credit unions to review:

  • How are you handling cash audits in your branches?
  • Is the labor shortage making your cash management more painful?
  • How much time are your tellers spending in their beginning of day/end of day counts?
  • Are balance discrepancies common for your branches?

TCR’s, currency cash counters and discriminators are a huge support to the cash management problem. Automating cash counting frees up employees to excel in their strengths, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Why are Kisan Cash Counters different?

Kisan cash counters and discriminators play a crucial role in efficient cash management. These devices handle banknotes and ensure accurate counting.

Kisan Electronics offers advanced solutions for cash management in banks with their range of banknote counters. Notably, the "Newton-A" banknote counter is a part of their product line, providing accurate counting and sorting of banknotes. This technology aids in efficiently processing banknotes, enhancing accuracy, and providing smoother transactions.

Kisan's "K5 5-pocket Currency Fitness Sorter" helps check the condition of money. It rejects damaged bills and sends only good ones to the bank for exchange. These innovative solutions address the needs of banks by streamlining currency processing, contributing to better customer service and overall efficiency

Kisan banknote counters stand out because of their advanced features and capabilities. Kisan Electronics designs these counters to provide efficient cash handling services for banks. The Kisan Newton A currency counter, for instance, is an upgraded version with improved hardware, mechanism stability, and enhanced performance.

The Kisan K-6 Mixed Currency Discriminator is another example, capable of counting, verifying and sorting mixed banknotes. Kisan Electronics' counters are better because they are innovative, accurate, reliable, and can handle different banknotes. Through their continuous development, Kisan counters offer banks an edge in efficient cash management, contributing to smoother operations and customer satisfaction

CSG offers various machines to count and handle cash. They also provide Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) from brands like Hyosung, ATEC, and CSG. Additionally, their services cover most brands including ARCA, Diebold, Glory, De La Rue, and Chima.

Our services cover most brands such as ARCA, Diebold, Glory, De La Rue, and Chima.  We offer cash management and ATM services in certain areas, as well as ITM support for first and second lines. For all of your cash management needs, think CSG first.  


Why buy currency counters?

Precise counterfeit detection, time saver, units have the ability to strap, count and separate notes to help with branch efficiency.

What is the difference between a counter and sorter?

Counters count a bundle of cash, no matter the denomination, as one sum. Sorters count and separate bills based off the denomination.

Do currency discriminators detect fake bills?

Currency discriminators scan bills via CIS, UV, Magnetic and IR sensors to determine the authenticity of a bank note.

How do I purchase a currency cash counter and what is the turnaround time?

You can purchase a currency cash counter through Cook Solutions Group and receive it as quickly as 48 hours.

Learn more about Currency cash counters and discriminators

We’ve achieved Kisan’s Top 5 Dealer Award for Cash Currency Counters and Discriminators! Thank you to our partner Kisan, the best Cash Counter in banking.