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Cook Solutions Group

No contracts, 30 day out, no penalty clause

September 14, 2023

Our all-inclusive service agreements include all parts, travel, labor, and remote managed services support.

The best customer experience and bundling discounts for multiple service maintenance agreements.

Watch the video.

Tired of getting nickeled & dimed to death with dozens of invoices? Countless repeat calls for the same issue? Feel like you have to manage your Security integrator or ATM vendor?

Welcome to a new era of hassle-free banking with Cook Solutions Group's all-inclusive service agreements and contracts, featuring a unique 30-day out, no penalty clause. Are you tired of being locked into lengthy iron-clad contracts with no flexibility?

Our commitment to your satisfaction is reflected in our innovative approach to service maintinence agreements. Imagine having the freedom to opt out within 30 days without any penalties. Our comprehensive service covers all aspects, from parts and labor to travel and remote managed services support.

We believe in earning your trust every day, and that's why we provide this option, giving you the confidence to choose what's best for your needs. Say goodbye to rigid contracts and embrace a service experience that puts you first.

Cook Solutions Group (CSG) distinguishes itself by offering a customer-friendly approach with its "30 day out, no penalty clause" in their all-inclusive service agreements. This unique feature allows clients to discontinue services within 30 days without incurring penalties. CSG's commitment to earning business every day is evident through this flexible and customer-focused policy.

We specialize in technology and security solutions, including ATM, ITM, TCR sales, maintenance, and enterprise security services. This approach aligns with the industry's shift towards customer-centric and flexible service arrangements.

At CSG, we believe in earning your business every day by providing a 30 day out, no penalty clause with our all-inclusive service agreement. All parts, all labor included. Ask one of our 100’s of references and watch the video!

  • All-inclusive service maintenance agreement
  • All parts, labor and travel included
  • Includes one annual preventative maintenance (PM)
  • No penalty, 30 day out clause
  • Over 3,000 references available upon request
  • Bundling discounts available for multiple service agreements

We have been brainstorming at CSG recently how we can help our customers navigate the economic uncertainties that are looming. CSG has the ability to help in several ways but more specifically we can reduce your overall spend by consolidating services through CSG. Additionally, CSG can reduce vendors within your organization which will free up time and save on soft costs as well.

On average, customers who consolidate services and venders through CSG save on average 10-15% annually and reduce between 5-7 vendor relationships. Depending on the size of your organization this could be money and time reinvested into areas you need to grow and weather any looming economic storms.

We believe that this is a critical topic for the future of banking, as customers demand more convenience, personalization, and security from their financial services.

So general ideas is how we can use transaction data, video recording, ATM data, security timestamps, etc to give you insights into revenue generating exercises. Random example would be using object detection from your current video surveillance can we tell you how many EV cars are in your parking lot to help you see if it makes sense to have charging stations in your parking lot?

What about combining video with ATM data to see what your abandon rate is on your ATMs or even further track facial expressions to see if customers are satisfied leaving your branch or channels?

Visit it our testimonial videos.

Plus our secure Cook Command Center portal including ATM site profile, call history, preventive maintenance file, incident management & more.

At Cook Solutions Group, we put our customers and our team first. We know our customers personally and take their needs seriously. We value our team members and jump in to be helpful whenever we can. Our customized, tailor-made solutions put the customer at the heart of our business, and our dedication to teamwork makes Cook Solutions Group a great place to work.

C‍SG provides one annual preventative maintenance (PM) visit on all pieces of equipment under our all inclusive service maintenance agreements.

Examples of equipment covered:

  • Alarm Systems (Panel, Keypad, Motions, etc.)
  • Access Control Systems (Panel, Readers, etc.)
  • Video Surveillance Systems (Cameras, DVRs, etc.)
  • Safes & Vaults
  • Night Deposits
  • Drive Up Drawers
  • Pneumatic Tubes
  • ATMs, ITMs, TCRs
  • Smart Lockers
  • Currency Cash Counters and Discriminators

What is preventative maintenance?

Preventive maintenance on bank equipment involves regularly scheduled maintenance tasks aimed at preventing unexpected failures and downtime. It emphasizes proactive actions to ensure the optimal functioning of equipment and to extend its lifespan. By conducting routine inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and minor repairs, banks can identify and address potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs or disruptions.

This approach reduces the risk of equipment failure, enhances efficiency, and minimizes the need for emergency repairs. Ultimately, preventive maintenance helps banks maintain a reliable and uninterrupted banking experience for their customers while also managing operational costs effectively.


Network Operations Center

Access to Cook Command Center and RemoteView (CustomerView)

Cook Solutions Group constructed the Cook Command Center to provide customers a fully interactive platform enabling users with a comprehensive view of their current products and equipment. Whether it be requesting service or viewing transactional data the Cook Command Center allows our customers the ability to view, manage and interact with their current line of Cook Solutions Group products.

  • Access service history, preventative maintenance & survey information
  • View Real-Time Status and Electronic Journals with Remote View ATM
  • Easily request service for all hardware and equipment
  • Case Management makes it easy to share information and files with internal/external parties.

Command Center is strategically broken out into different platforms each providing customers unique viewpoints into their infrastructure: CustomerView, RemoteView and System


  • Full visibility of all equipment within your institution and it’s current state
  • Easily create, update and view tickets or work orders for equipment
  • Full transparency for all projects whether you are in the middle of a current project or creating a new project
  • Preventative Maintenance stores all service records for equipment we service

Our customers come to us because they trust us, and we’re here because we have spent nearly two decades earning that trust. Now, they always Think CSG First.

We provide the best customer service, combining technology and people, to ensure customers walk away with solutions they feel great about (and return with their future projects). A simple approach to solving complex problems with innovative solutions is what makes us different.​

Cook Solutions Group Technician


Customer service is our game - whether we are offering technical support, installing hardware, or remotely fixing an issue.

CSG’s business is protecting people. Even though we service ATMs, ITMs, cameras, and a ton of other products, what we’re protecting is something so much more important than the four walls of a financial institution or stadium. We’re helping people all over the country protect their businesses and the people that arrive everyday to keep the things going.​