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Cook Solutions Group

Exploring CSG's Full CAD Department: What You Need to Know

October 12, 2023

Full CAD Department for banks and credit unions

Uncover the hidden gem within Cook Solutions Group - our specialized CAD and engineering department!

Discover how we transform your project into reality. Learn about the benefits of our cutting-edge approach and how we set ourselves apart in the industry.

L‍ooking to upgrade your old CCTV or Security System overall?

We can provide technical drawings, equipment layouts, integration with Piko Video Surveillance, alarm & access control, and provide CAD drawings for all your locations, etc. If you have any CAD requirements we are here for you.

CAD Mockup samples

If you’d like for us to site survey and update each of your branches or commercial locations with a professional CAD drawing of all devices such as cameras, access points, alarm points, and equipment in general, we can provide a flat rate quote to do so. We can also upload the updated CAD drawings into Cook Command Center for easy view-ability and reference.

Another CAD Mockup samples

Our dedicated integrations team provide all the security expertise, will can engineer your project, and deliver a world class CAD drawing with detailed install schedule. Then after the install CSG follows up with a service agreement and preventive maintenance schedule to mitigate any issues with maximum uptime.

Our state of the art Network Operations Center, SOC 2 Type 2 audit report and full RemoteView managed services line ensures your facility is operating and secure Businesses can access comprehensive security solutions by teaming up with Cook Solutions Group. These solutions cover prevention, quick emergency responses, and advanced technology..

You can access our online Cook Command Center. It allows you to monitor projects, service calls, and PMs. You can do this on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Layout Engineering for Banks and Credit Unions

Layout engineering for banks and credit unions involves the strategic design and arrangement of physical spaces within these financial institutions to optimize functionality, customer experience, and operational efficiency. This process considers various factors such as customer traffic flow, security, accessibility, and branding.

To create an effective layout, financial institutions often collaborate with architects and design professionals. It's essential to strike a balance between providing private spaces for sensitive transactions and open, welcoming areas for customer engagement.

The banking and credit union services have changed, resulting in redesigned spaces. These spaces are now able to accommodate both in-person and digital interactions. Additionally, digital channels have been included in these redesigned spaces. The goal is to create a welcoming environment for customers that promotes trust, convenience, and a seamless experience. This will be achieved by adhering to industry-specific regulations and promoting best practices.

CSG provides both Technical Drawings and CAD Drawings.

A technical drawing and a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawing serve similar purposes but differ in their creation and presentation:

Creation Method:

  • Technical Drawing: Technical drawings are traditionally created by hand using drafting tools like pencils, rulers, and templates.
  • CAD Drawing: CAD drawings are generated using specialized computer software. CAD allows for precise and efficient design, enabling users to create and edit drawings digitally.


  • Technical Drawing: While technical drawings can be precise, the level of precision depends on the skill of the draftsman. Human error can affect accuracy.
  • CAD Drawing: CAD drawings offer a high degree of precision. Exact measurements and automated mathematical calculations reduce errors.

Flexibility and Editing:

  • Technical Drawing: Editing traditional technical drawings can be time-consuming and may require starting from scratch for major revisions.
  • CAD Drawing: CAD drawings are easily editable. You can make modifications quickly without needing to redraw the entire design.

Storage and Sharing:

  • Technical Drawing: Traditional technical drawings are physical and may require storage space. Sharing typically involves physical copies.
  • CAD Drawing: CAD drawings are digital and can be stored electronically. They are easily shareable via email or file sharing platforms.

3D Capabilities:

  • Technical Drawing: Traditional technical drawings are typically 2D representations of objects or plans.
  • CAD Drawing: CAD software can create both 2D and 3D drawings, allowing for the visualization of complex 3D structures.

Integration with Manufacturing and Engineering Processes:

  • Technical Drawing: Traditional technical drawings are often used as a reference for manufacturing but may require manual interpretation.
  • CAD Drawing: CAD designs can be seamlessly incorporated into computer-aided manufacturing procedures, enhancing production efficiency.

In summary, while both technical and CAD drawings convey design and engineering information, CAD drawings offer advantages in terms of precision, edibility, and integration with modern engineering and manufacturing processes. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs of the project and the available tools and expertise.