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Cook Solutions Group

CSG Integrations & Commercial Security Services

September 14, 2023

Does your security vendor take weeks to respond? 

Are you waiting months for a simple security service call? Do they disappear after the install is complete?

Meet CSG Commercial Security & Integrations. We build ourselves for fast service and quick resolution. We design our strategic and saturated tech footprint to respond to any location within our footprint in hours, not days. Step into the world of Cook Solution Groups' expertise in fast service and effective issue resolution.

We tailor our robust technological infrastructure for swift responses to any location within our reach. With a strategic and comprehensive approach, we prioritize providing rapid solutions.

Discover the power of Cook Solutions Group's commercial security integrations. Through our innovative Cook Command Center, you can efficiently manage services, track preventative maintenance, and access real-time status updates. This all-in-one platform streamlines security operations, ensuring optimal protection for your business.

Our commitment to security, includes offering insights into managed services, integrated security and preventative measures. CSG is skilled in fintech and commercial security systems, using advanced hardware and software to enhance video surveillance.

Emphasizing reliability, we also provide emergency same-day services, underlining their dedication to your security needs. By partnering with Cook Solutions Group, businesses gain access to integrated security solutions that span preventive measures, swift emergency responses, and cutting-edge technology.

What are commercial security integrations?

Commercial security integrations refer to the process of combining various security components and systems within a commercial setting to create a unified and efficient security infrastructure. This integration involves merging technologies such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, alarms, and more, into a centralized platform.

The goal is to enhance awareness, streamline monitoring, and improve overall security management. By integrating security systems, businesses can achieve better coordination, quicker response times, and a holistic approach to security challenges. It's about creating synergy among different security elements to ensure a comprehensive and effective defense against potential threats.

With our top-notch Integrations team, we've got you covered for everything from start to finish. From simple and traditional systems to large scale NextGen solutions. From break fix service to preventative maintenance, the CSG Integrations team will never leave you hanging.

Plus, we provide a custom service call hierarchy from same day emergency service to scheduled out project work. Unlike other integrators that are all about the initial project or install, CSG provides the best of both projects and service. All your security and maintenance needs from one single provider. Think CSG First | We Make it Happen

Data Center Security Integration Infographic
Want to take a deeper dive? | Request a copy of our interactive infographic

  1. Vehicle & License Plate Recognition: Identify vehicles and license plates to trigger alerts or actions.
  2. Drone Surveillance & Detection: Secure your location, identify and track unauthorized drones.
  3. Perimeter Detection: Proactive security starts before a target enters your perimeter.  Identify potential threats with our multilayered approach, and be ready to respond before they enter your perimeter.
  4. Managed Services: Utilize CSG's managed services and award winning customer service to maximize solutions.
  5. Video Surveillance: Tap into the power of Piko and it's open platform to integrate all of your security systems.
  6. CAD, Design & Engineering: A professional CAD drawing of all devices such as cameras, access points, alarm points, and equipment in general.
  7. Real Time Alerts: Custom alerts to notify your team of security events wherever they are.
  8. Smart Lockers & Key Cabinets: Maintain secure controls on physical keys and assets.
  9. Anti-Tailgating & Door Alarm Prevention: Stop unauthorized pedestrian traffic with specialized hardware and analytics.
  10. Access Control Alarms & Intercoms: Secure all access points.
  11. Custom Analytics: Directional line crossing, heat mapping, object detection and much more.

Our dedicated integrations team provides all the security expertise, can engineer your project, and deliver a world class CAD drawing with detailed install schedule. Then after the install CSG follows up with a service agreement and preventive maintenance schedule to mitigate any issues with maximum uptime.

Our state of the art Network Operations Center, SOC 2 Type 2 audit report and full RemoteView managed services line ensures your facility is operating and secure Businesses can access comprehensive security solutions by teaming up with Cook Solutions Group. These solutions cover prevention, quick emergency responses, and advanced technology..

You can access our online Cook Command Center. It allows you to monitor projects, service calls, and PMs. You can do this on any device, anytime, anywhere.

We deliver Next Generation Security solutions on multiple levels.  

Traditional Security with Next Generation Technology:

  1. Access Control, Alarms & Intercoms
  2. Video Surveillance
  3. Managed Services
  4. CAD & Engineering
  5. Real Time Alerts
  6. Custom Analytics

Additional high level Security:

  1. Perimeter Detection
  2. Anti-tailgating & door alarm prevention
  3. Drone Surveillance Detection
  4. Vehicle & License Plat recognition
  5. Smart Lockers and Key Cabinets
  6. Preventive Maintenance & Service Agreement

At CSG, we are built for fast service and quick resolution. Our strategic and saturated tech footprint is designed to respond to any location within our footprint in hours, not days. From consultations and design to installation and service of traditional and NextGen solutions, the CSG Integrations team will never leave you hanging.