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Cook Solutions Group

Meet RemoteView…A powerful CSG managed services platform

September 14, 2023

Waiting 8 hours or more for a service call? Resolve 63% of all ATM | ITM | TCR & Video Surveillance calls without dispatching a tech!

Meet RemoteView…A powerful CSG managed services platform for ATM | ITM | TCR & Video Surveillance.

RemoteView Managed Services is a secure, vendor agnostic, lightweight software agent that delivers extraordinary customer experience.

Manage All Your Equipment and Alerts in One Simple Platform.

RemoteView technology allows experts to monitor and fix your hardware and software issues without dispatching in person techs. Save valuable time and money while receiving best-in-class service with RemoteView from Cook Solutions Group.

RemoteView Managed Service delivers the power and convenience of an additional IT department. Powered by the award-winning support of Cook Solutions Group, RemoteView can support your IT and security workload. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors all equipment so your IT department can focus on your internal infrastructure.

Cook Solutions Group created RemoteView to provide remote support and services to the ATM | ITM industry using technology.

In today's complicated world, the importance of simplified technology is at an utmost priority. This simplified technology delivers a seamless customer and employee experience. Not all managed services are equal and here is why.

RemoteView Managed Services was born out of the same technology IT uses to fix your PC or laptop remotely. An ATM, ITM, DVR, and many of your daily systems are just like a standard PC. RemoteView’s lightweight, secure agent, is easily installed and simple to manage.

CSG's RemoteView Managed Services works with retail banking and security tools like ATMs, ITMs, TCRs, video surveillance, alarms, and access control. RemoteView is like having additional operations and technical FTE on staff!

RemoteView checks if your devices are working well and managed properly. It can also connect your devices and share data, giving important information to your business quickly.

Our Network Operations Center is SOC 2 Type II compliant. You can trust that the best in the industry backs your operation. For a deeper dive into all of RemoteView's solutions, visit

Features and FAQ: 

What does RemoteView Managed Services connect to?

RemoteView Managed Services can connect to ATMs, ITMs, TCRs, Video Surveillance Systems, Alarms, Access Control and much more!  

Is RemoteView Managed Services secure?

RemoteView is outbound only using AES 256 bit encrypted VPN connections.

What are some key features of RemoteView Managed Services?

There are different key features for ATM vs. Video Surveillance including some of the following.

RemoteView ATM, ITM, TCR modules:

  • Diagnostics: Remote Resolution
  • Security+: Secure your ATM | ITM
  • Windows Patch Management: Keep Machines Updated
  • Hard Drive Encryption: Lockdown your hard drive to prevent unauthorized access
  • Electronic Journals & Analytics: Access EJs Online
  • Hard Drive Backup: Nightly backups
  • Connect | Internet: Managed Wireless Connectivity
  • Marketing Screens: Push AD Campaigns

CSG mascot, Sasquatch, re-enacts an ATM/ITM hook & chain attack and demonstrates Piko vehicle detection technology using line crossing analytics.

What is an ATM hook and chain attack?

An ATM hook and chain attack is a type of physical attack that criminals use to steal money from ATMs. In this attack, criminals use a big vehicle or stolen car to crash into the ATM. Then, they connect a chain or cable to both the ATM and the vehicle.

What is line crossing video analytics?

Line crossing video analytics is a technology used in video surveillance systems to detect and alert operators when a person or object crosses a virtual line or boundary. The technology creates a digital line in the camera's view, monitored by software algorithms.

What are mobile alerts using video analytics?

Mobile alerts with video analytics is a technology used in video surveillance. It sends real-time alerts to security or others on their mobile devices. These devices can include smartphones or tablets. This technology uses video analytics to identify and analyze specific events or patterns in video footage. Examples include detecting someone loitering or detecting movement of an object in a restricted area.

What is license plate recognition using video analytics?

License plate recognition (LPR) using video analytics is a technology that uses video cameras and software to read and identify the license plates of vehicles passing through a specific area. The video analytics software analyzes the images captured by the camera and extracts the license plate number from the image.

What is ATM suspicious activity notifications using video analytics?

ATM suspicious activity notifications use video cameras and software to monitor ATM transactions and detect suspicious or fraudulent activity automatically. The software examines the recorded video and detects suspicious behavior patterns that suggest fraud or wrongdoing.

RemoteView Surveillance:

  • All-inclusive agreement (hardware and labor)
  • Software/Firmware management
  • Hardened Endpoints to combat cyber attacks
  • Guaranteed 90 day video retention
  • Securely access from anywhere
  • Complete audit logs
  • Centralized Health Monitor
  • Electronic Journal Integration
  • Open Integration
  • Replace like for like hardware for the life of the agreement
  • Reduce capital expense by minimizing the frequency of equipment replacement

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Written by: Levi Daily, Chief Technology Officer