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Cook Solutions Group

CSG brings ATM/ITM Branding Screen Creation in-house

December 4, 2023

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ATM Branding Screens
Marketing Screen Example

Branding Package Development for AE

  • Our ATM|ITM AE branding package covers all of your customizable ATM|ITM Screens.
  • From asset assignment to full testing and deployment, our professional services team handles your ATM|ITM Marketing screen deployment from beginning to end.
  • Remove the need for you to maintain expensive and time consuming branding licenses.

One stop shopping for ATM/ITM branding screens. CSG takes programming & creation in-house. 3 easy implementation packages to choose from.

  • Branding screen creation savings and increased quality
  • Eliminate manufacture and 3rd party, all design in-house
  • Less vendors to deal with
  • 2-4 week turnaround
  • Easy pushes with RemoteView ATM/ITM
  • Three packages to choose from
  • Includes welcome screen, wait screen, thank you screen
  • Customizable to video

We are happy to share the CSG’s in-house Professional Services team can now create, help redesign, and program NCR ATM/ITM branding screens.  

Branding screen packages include three options from minimal to custom and include the welcome screen, wait screen, and thank you screen. We can incorporate a short video, slide show or static call to action.  Our team will work with your bank of credit union to maximize your marketing message or campaign.

Default Package (NCR Stock Package)

Base Package

Standard Package

Complete Package


  1. What is needed from the customer to execute Branding Package Development?
    We will need the customers Logos, Color choices, and Imagery. Our professional services team can take the implementation from there!
  2. Why are ATM Branding Screens important?
    ATM branding screens are an essential component of an ATM branding package, and they serve several important purposes:
  • Branding and Identity: ATM branding screens are an extension of your financial institution's brand identity. They provide a consistent and recognizable appearance for your ATMs, ensuring that customers can easily identify and trust the machine as part of your bank or credit union.
  • Customer Trust: Consistency in branding helps build trust. When customers see the familiar colors, logos, and messaging on an ATM screen, they are more likely to feel confident that they are conducting a legitimate transaction with their bank. This trust is crucial in the financial sector.
  • User Experience: The ATM branding screen plays a critical role in the user experience. It guides customers through the transaction process, provides clear instructions, and offers feedback on the status of the transaction. A well-designed screen can make transactions more efficient, reducing the potential for errors and customer frustration.
  • Cross-Selling and Promotion: ATM screens offer an opportunity to promote your bank's products and services. You can display advertisements, inform customers about new offerings, or encourage them to use additional services, such as online banking or mobile apps. This can lead to increased revenue and customer engagement.
  • Compliance and Security: ATM branding screens can also communicate important security and compliance information to customers. This includes details about ATM usage fees, transaction limits, and safety tips. Ensuring that these messages are clear and compliant with industry regulations is essential.
  • Customization: ATM branding screens can be customized to reflect specific campaigns or seasonal promotions. This flexibility allows financial institutions to adapt to changing marketing strategies and customer needs.
  • Competitive Advantage: A well-designed and consistently branded ATM screen can give your financial institution a competitive advantage. It sets you apart from competitors and demonstrates your commitment to professionalism and customer service.

Cook Solutions Group constructed the Cook Command Center to provide customers a fully interactive platform enabling users with a comprehensive view of their current products and equipment. Whether it be requesting service or viewing transactional data the Cook Command Center allows our customers the ability to view, manage and interact with their current line of Cook Solutions Group products.

  • Access service history, preventative maintenance & survey information
  • View Real-Time Status and Electronic Journals with Remote View ATM
  • Easily request service for all hardware and equipment
  • Case Management makes it easy to share information and files with internal/external parties.

Command Center is strategically broken out into different platforms each providing customers unique viewpoints into their infrastructure: CustomerView, RemoteView and System.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting, please contact us below.

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