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Want to deploy ITMs, but don't have the time or money?

March 14, 2022

Reduce ITM time & costs by 78%, and be fully operational within 6 months with CSG! Watch the video.

Can you believe that ITMs (Interactive Teller Machines also known as Video or Remote Tellers) have been in the market for over 15 YEARS? ITMs were invented as a cost alternative way for community banks and CU’s to compete in a saturated market. A lot has happened as the market and product matured over the years. With that process, prices and complexity around ITMs have skyrocketed! On a mission to restore the true value of ITMs, CSG has reduced the time and cost of ITMs by 78%. With CSG's help, ITMs don’t have to be daunting! Let me show you how:

  • In-house Training and Implementation – For 6 years CSG has been investing and refining our implementation process to ensure you and your consumers have a smooth and effortless transition. This investment has lowered the barrier to entry for community FI’s, allowing them to once again take full advantage of the ITM solution like it was originally intended.
  • Server Hosting and Check Imaging – Our highly skilled and knowledgeable in-house Professional Services staff provides server hosting for ITMs, Vidyo, Check Imaging, SQL, and Remotely Managing your server environment. Plus Customized x9.37 content, XML Check Data File Transmission, Automated daily Check Imaging process, resulting in reduced FTE and increased efficiency.
  • Wholesale Hardware and Software Subscription Pricing – CSG is one of the top dealers in North America and as such can offer volume discounts by grouping multiple orders.
  • Custom Marketing Screens – In-house marketing solutions allow for a more cost effective and quicker time to market.
  • Remote Service Maintenance and Security Patching/Encryption – Keeping ITMs up and running is more important than anything else. Having remote connection to allow for support and maintenance is a no brainer. CSG’s RemoteView software is uniquely positioned to get the job done without added need for servers and IT distraction.

Be up and running within 6 months with CSG! Book a meeting.

ITMs don’t have to be daunting! CSG has reduced the cost and time to market for ITMs by 78% over the last 6 years. By offering in-house training and implementation, server hosting, custom marketing screens, wholesale hardware pricing, subscription software programs, check imaging solutions, and so much more to reduce your headache; CSG has a solution scalable for the community banking space. Please visit our Professional Services or ATM | ITM pages for more details.

Written by: Scott Fieber, Chief Strategy Officer

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