ATM | ITM Skimming Attacks & Deterrents

There has been a recent uptick in ATM attacks across the United States, particularly in multiple Western states.  In many of these attacks, criminals have utilized never before seen ATM skimming devices.

We have reviewed recent case videos and it shows they are installed in seconds, then the attackers come back and have a way to quickly pull data off the skimmers by inserting something connecting to a small port, leaving the skimmer in place. Like any skimming attack, a multi layered approach to protection is always encouraged. Suspicious Activity Notification (SAN) can help both alert and prevent.

In addition to our deterrent and detection solutions, our technicians are trained to search for devices while servicing machines. Best practice is for branch staff to do regular inspections as well. Additional manufacturer products are available as well as visual observations. We can provide suggestions on what to look for on your machines to recognize slight changes that could be caused by criminal attacks.

NEW DEEP INSERT SKIMMING ATM ATTACK:   The skimming technique is using a Deep Insert Skimmer in Tamper Resistant DIP Card Readers, but an additional attack step is performed that sabotages the internal workings of the Tamper Resistant DIP Card Reader. After this sabotage is performed, the skimmer can then operate inside the reader. Sabotaged readers show no signs of outward damage to the ATM user. Similarly, because the skimmer is placed inside the reader, these devices are almost impossible to spot by the typical ATM user.

PREVENTION:  Cook Solutions Group is the only solution provider in the world that has developed SAN (Suspicious Activity Notification) using AI and integrating video with ATM transactions to identify criminals. Suspicious Activity Notification is a CSG Next Generation application utilizing RemoteView to gather and analyze normal ATM transactions when a person is detected in front of the ATM.  If the person is in front of the ATM for a custom amount of time SAN will analyze the ATM transaction and with our IF This Then That methodology we can notify our internal NOC or our customers to review the incident.  We have had great success finding and removing Skimmers with our SAN solution.

ATM | ITM Skimming Attacks & Deterrents

Recommended ATM | ITM Threat Deterrents

Suspicious Activity Notification
SAN (Suspicious Activity Notification)

Our patent-pending Suspicious Activity Notification  provides a vendor agnostic solution with an added defense that gets to the root of today’s threats and any other suspicious activity. Protect against ATM | ITM jackpot-ting, skimming & cash-outs.

Smart Camera Analytics
Smart Camera Analytics

Loitering, vandalism, and fraudulent activity are  detected with camera analytics and algorithms.  Real-time notifications with surveillance footage  can be sent to evaluate the threat and determine if the ATM should be taken out of service.

Object Detection using Machine Learning
Object Detection using Machine Learning

Piko detects objects such as but not limited to people, animals, vehicles, etc. Users have the ability to limit the scope of search via a bound-ing box or using the entire frame for reference.

Fraud Detection Engine
Fraud Detection Engine

Collect, Detect, and Remediate. Advanced analytics are used to determine if any suspicious transactions are taking place at the ATM. The ATM can be taken out of service automatically to prevent additional transactions.

Case Management
Case Management

Manage, track and share your surveillance video, police reports, images and other docs pertaining to a case from a centralized web interface.

Hook n Chain Identification
"Hook n Chain" Identification

Combining vehicle detection, line crossing, and other automated actions provides actionable insights and notifications when the attack happens.

ATM Barriers
ATM Barriers

ATM Barriers can actually block and protect the ATM from a physical attack.

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