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Cook Solutions Group

Watch how CSG’s Piko Video Surveillance analytics leverages AI & machine learning.

June 15, 2022

CSG leverages AI & machine learning to develop Piko Video Surveillance analytics to catch criminals. Utilizing people detection and notifications.


Watch CSG’s CTO, Levi Daily, share two real-life case studies.

At Cook Solutions Group, we utilize our own technology at all of our regional branch office locations. This way we are constantly learning and testing our own systems including Piko Video Surveillance, and how it integrates with access control, alarm, using artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation.  We have dramatically reduced relying on a live human being until we need to.  In these two separate case studies,  CTO Levi Daily breaks down the importance of product development and enhancing CSG’s solutions.

Utilizing analytics, both Person Detection, and Intrusion at the same time, Piko can keep your facilities safe and deter criminals. With Piko’s customized rules engine, you can create a schedule and decide how you would like to receive correspondence, whether an output or push notification, Piko can do it.

Case Study 1:   Artificial Intelligence (AI) people detection utilizing video and audio provides deterrent in Seattle, WA.

One of those areas we thought really helped us was when we added artificial intelligence based people detection.  There’s a lot times you get notification based off of motion that doesn’t really matter.  We really want to know there is an actual person there using AI technology” states Levi Daily.  One where CSG deployed this technology and it worked was at our Seattle, WA office.  There was an issue with dumpster diving and we were able to use AI through our Piko video surveillance to detect people then automating the audio speaker to sound an alarm, or in this case, let them know “You are trespassing and on video surveillance” and if they don’t disperse we will call the police.  No human action needed and it deterred the event.  If they chose not to disperse, we can then notify our manager or network operations center to then call the police.

Case Study 2:   Alarm leveraging video motion notifies manager & police with live feed in Corona, CA

Another great example is at our CA office where we had a break in during some construction.  Levi shares  “Our cameras detected people and at the same time we received an alarm.  All of that video feed immediately went to our General Manager and he was able to review the live feed, share the live feed with police as they were driving to our CSG office.  It was so fast that the police were able to detain the criminals, verify it was them with our live video footage, and arrest them”.  

These are two great examples of how CSG practices what they preach.  We use the technology we develop and then enhance it to provide a better customer and end user experience.    In this case it was Piko video surveillance combined with artificial intelligence people detection to create automated notifications.  We have also used similar technology to notify us on ATM hook and chain attacks as well as ATM skimming and fraud attacks.

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Written by: Levi Daily, Chief Technology Officer

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