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Eliminate the need for physical on-site access control by using and All-Inclusive Hosted Service. Utilize our skilled team to add or delete users, provide fob and badge management, set access levels and distribute clearance to your location based upon instruction.

Our consultants are available for during the design phase of your next project. We employ licensed technicians to install our systems and provide all the programming required to complete the installation. We can also provide the electric door hardware and cabling needed to offer 100% turnkey systems.

After your installation, we can take care of the management of your Access Control System using RemoteView Access Control. In addition to AMAG, Lenel, Avigilon, and DMP, we provide maintenance on most existing Access Control Systems.

Hosted Access Control in the Cloud:

Cloud-based access control is a technology solution that enables companies to manage their security system from a single, centralized location, thereby reducing the need for additional resources. It also enables security teams to remotely manage their physical security functions- such as door access- while receiving real-time video verification of alarms and events.

Is your access control outdated & a security risk? Could it be hosted in the cloud to save on hardware? Hosted cloud is now an option. Rethink & learn how access control systems have evolved.

5 things to consider about cloud-based access control:  

  1. Standards have changed and old prox card credentials are a security risk. Are you compliant or could you be exposed?
  2. Eliminate the expensive on-premise server.  
  3. A great option for buildings with less than 200 readers.
  4. Built to be compatible with mercury hardware, easy conversion with most major brands.
  5. Using a network operations center and managed services can provide 1-2 full time equivalent IT staff.

The Solution: LenelS2 Elements cloud-based access control system:

Benefits include:

  • Easily set-up and install the system
  • Remotely grant access, view videos or lock doors
  • Gain real-time insights into alarms and events
  • Benefit from a unified security and access control experience

Scheduling an access control assessment is easy.  Make sure you are not at risk and not dramatically overspending.

Access Control Managed Services:

Eliminate the overhead cost of managing your Access Control System. Cook Solutions Group will provide server hosting, software maintenance, and ongoing support.

Meet CSG Commercial Security Integrations. We build ourselves for fast service and quick resolution. We design our strategic and saturated tech footprint to respond to any location within our footprint in hours, not days. Step into the world of Cook Solution Groups' expertise in fast service and effective issue resolution.

Additional Features:

Cook also provides RemoteView Access Control which includes the following:

  • Badge | Fob Management
  • Add | Delete Users
  • Access Levels Management
  • Badge Printing & Distribution
  • Audits & Reports
  • Video | Alarm Integration
  • Key Tracking | Reporting
  • Access to Cook Command Center to manage it all!

Hosted Access Control

  • Eliminate the need for physical onsite access control by converting to a low-cost monthly payment. We become responsible for ensuring your access control is up 100% of the time.

Credential Management, Access Levels & Distribution Management

  • Free up your time, Email us the form & we take care of the rest. We print the badge credential, set the access level and distribute to your location.

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