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Why a CSG Beer Blog?

The History & Archive of the CSG Beer Blog

Many customers ask us “why do you do a beer blog, you’re a security & solutions company”. That’s a great question and like our famous CSG BBQ sauce, it has a fun and interesting story. Back in 2006 there were not nearly as many breweries in the US as there are in 2023.

The NW was definitely one of the leaders in craft beers including Portland where our CSG Headquarters resides. CEO, Brian Cook, had recently hired long time acquaintance, Randy Neu to help with sales and operations due CSGs expansion. With CSG’s strong reputation in the NW, the next step was to grow geographically into other states where it made sense.

CSG Beer Blog

Randy began traveling extensively, visiting other states to share the CSG story (at the time, 7 state coverage). After a couple of road trips, and both being fans of craft beer, Randy and Brian were catching up over a pint and Randy mentioned “I can’t believe how many new breweries are popping up all over”.

“It’s fun when I’m on the road to find a local brewery at the end of the day support a new brewery.” PING! The light bulb in Brian’s brain goes off and instinctually he says “you should do a beer blog and add it to our newsletter”.

Randy, who was already responsible for the CSG newsletter asked “what’s that got to do with our business”? “That’s just it, Brian stated. It’s fun and you are getting involved with the local markets on a personal level in the community. The rest was history and the beer blog actually became one of our most read sections of the newsletter. Today Randy travels a bit less, but the beer blog lives on with many guest bloggers across our 11 state foot print and beyond. Have a suggestion for Randy or CSG?