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Cook Solutions Group developed the RemoteView Managed Services product line to utilize technology to remotely deliver support to the ATM | ITM industry.

RemoteView ATM | ITM product line has been developed into multiple managed service modules to support all departments interfacing with the machines.

Resolve over 63% of issues without a tech being dispatched.

Managed Service Diagnostics:

Monitor, manage and maintain your ATMs | ITMs. Reduce service calls with remote troubleshooting and expedited resolution. Includes remotely identifying the problem and repair of basic software issues for increased uptime.

  • Hardware and software diagnostics
  • Remote reboots
  • Pull logs and tallies from previous days/archive
  • Includes dedicated & certified RemoteView Specialists
  • If RemoteView Specialist are unable to fix, a technician is dispatched with detailed diagnostic information for faster repair and a first time fix

RemoteView ATM | ITM Diagnostics means more uptime resulting in the ability for more customer transactions. Without RemoteView ATM | ITM Diagnostics installed, when a fault occurs at your ATM | ITM, whether it can be a card reader, printer, or dispenser issue, the ATM | ITM is out of commission until a technician has the ability to diagnose the issue on-site.

The picture changes dramatically with RemoteView ATM | ITM Diagnostics: Our RemoteView technicians monitor, maintain and manage your fleet remotely regardless of brand. When a fault occurs an alert is sent to our team notifying us of the issue.

With RemoteView ATM | ITM Diagnostics we have the ability to remotely connect to the ATM | ITM, and in less than 60 minutes on average we have been able to fix 63% of the time without a technician ever having to step foot on the premises. If we cannot fix the problem remotely, we will send a technician with the error codes. This will enable a quick repair because we have already identified the issue.

Managed Service Application Control: Security+:

Protect your devices with trusted Application Control to prevent malicious attacks.

  • Zero-day protection against malicious attacks
  • Security logs are available upon request
  • Centralized policy management
  • Windows firewall management
  • Password management

ATMs | ITMs run a Microsoft Windows computer internally that need security software, just like your personal computer. With ATM | ITMs capturing your customer’s bank account and financial information this is extremely vital. Since Microsoft discontinued support for older versions of Windows, the biggest threat to your ATM | ITM network is malicious attacks targeted to ATMs | ITMs. Having RemoteView ATM | ITM Security Suite installed on your ATM | ITM, we can prevent attacks.

Rest Easy Knowing your ATMs are Protected:

  • We use the industry-leading anti-malware and trusted applications software available
  • Your institution is in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.
  • ATMs | ITMs are protected by a firewall
  • Fully managed security policies including full quarterly reports for your audit trail
  • Preventative USB stick read/write control
  • Malware has the ability to mutate as frequent as hourly, this makes signature-based prevention tools obsolete
  • Preventative USB/DVD application auto-start control


Q. How does the ATM | ITM connect to RemoteView?

We install a small Windows-based agent on your ATM | ITM. The agent communicates Outbound only to the IP address & port specified.

Q. Can I view all my ATMs | ITMs from one interface?

YES! Our Command Center simplifies viewing all your locations and analyzing data—in aggregate or individually. You can control data access and enhance security with a PIN. The PIN needs to be entered before signing in.

Q. What Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware definitions do you use?

We use CylancePROTECT, an integrated threat prevention solution combining the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to block malware infections with additional security controls safeguarding against script-based file-less memory and external device-based attacks.

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ATM | ITM Attacks & Deterrents:

There has been a recent uptick in ATM attacks across the United States, particularly in multiple Western states. In many of these attacks, criminals have utilized next generation ATM skimming devices.

With RV ATM | ITM Diagnostics you receive

  • 24/7 agent monitoring
  • Remote Identification of ATM | ITM problems
  • Majority of problems have immediate resolution without dispatching a technician
  • Remote reboot and repair of basic software issues on your ATMs | ITMs
  • Prediction of “problem” machines
  • Increased uptime on your ATM | ITM fleet
Our Solutions

RemoteView ATM | ITM product line:

RemoteView ATM | ITM product line has been developed into multiple modules to support all departments interfacing with the machines.

Electronic Journals & Analytics:

View and download real-time EJ activity and reports which are uploaded automatically.

  • Protect against Reg E Act 205.13 Administrative enforcement; record retention (requires initial set up)
  • One year of retention guaranteed
  • Analytics and reports showing transaction types, volume and profitability
  • Piko Video Management System integration for video recording of transactional events
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Hard Drive Backups:

Daily backups performed to limit downtime and data loss.

  • Fast and reliable storage with solid-state drives
  • View backup status online via Command Center
  • Restore functionality and avoid extended downtime
  • Incremental backups with monthly full backup
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Windows Patch Management:

Maintain compliance and keep your ATMs | ITMs secure with up to date Microsoft software patches.

  • Preferred updating scheduling
  • Patch status reports provided, ready for auditors
  • Automated patch installation
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Connect | Internet:

Managed Wireless Connectivity

  • Managed cellular router for ATMs | ITMs connectivity
  • Multiple cellular providers supported
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Hard Drive Encryption:

Lockdown your hard drive with 256-bit encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Protect against sensitive information
  • Safeguard against stolen hard drive
  • Utilizes local TPM of ATMs | ITMs
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Marketing Screens:

Deploy advertisement screens to any and all ATMs | ITMs, automatically, at the times you choose.

  • Includes quarterly marketing screen updates for each ATMs | ITMs
  • Sync up with in-branch campaigns or in-market advertising
  • Update welcome, please wait and thank you screens
  • Update receipt logos
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RemoteView ATM | ITM product line:

RemoteView ATM | ITM product line has been developed into multiple modules to support all departments interfacing with the machines.