Best security solutions in Wyoming

Best security solutions in Wyoming

Best security solutions in Wyoming

Established in: 2009

General Manager: Northern Wyoming: Chris Yarboro, Southern Wyoming: Jason Walker

Address: By Appointment Only

Best security solutions in Wyoming

Our Story...

The best security solutions in Wyoming. Our Wyoming team and technicians cover the 97,914 square miles of sprawling cities, mountain ranges, and great plateaus in beautiful Wyoming. The Wyoming territory is managed and covered by our Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming (UCO) team as well as the Eastern Washington (EWIM) team. Our Utah, Colorado, Wyoming office opened in 2018 on the heels of customer acquisition, with several Cook customers expanding to these states.

Known as the "Equality State," Wyoming boasts a significant area, ranking 10th among U.S. states. Today, it is recognized for its diverse geography, including mountains, high plains, and the iconic Yellowstone National Park With offices in both Salt Lake City, Utah, and Colorado Springs, just outside of Denver. Our technician footprint has grown to four admin and six technicians located in remote cities across the state.

Our EWIM office started in 2007 and is based in Spokane, Washington. From higher elevations and drier climates to the vast wilderness of stunning snow-peaked mountains and populated tourist destinations, the EWIM team has it made.

Located in a beautiful part of the country, the Eastern Washington team covers one of our largest territories including the Tri-Cities in central Washington, Spokane, Coeur d'Alene Idaho, and the entire state of Montana including Missoula, Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, Butte & Kalispell.

With such a large territory, we’ve made the commitment to placing (22+) technicians strategically located throughout the three state footprint and the majority of customers utilize our Remote Managed services to service any equipment that can be repaired or patched without sending a technician. This saves valuable time so technicians can focus only on the specific service calls that actually need a tech.

The best security solutions in...

Our product and service lines include ATM, ITM, TCR, Alarm, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Managed Services, Professional Services, Server Hosting, Safes, Vaults, Night drops, Pneumatic Tube systems & drive-up units, lock work, key management, mobile banking, cashless transactions, contactless solutions and much more.

Our Laramie ATM Install Technician team will provide first-line (FLM) and second-line (SLM) ATM maintenance in addition to our full suite of managed services.

ATM maintenance is divided into two main categories:

First-Line Maintenance (FLM):

  • Entails regular duties such as refilling cash, paper, and managing simple service interruptions like bill and paper blockages.
  • Concentrates on routine maintenance to guarantee seamless, daily functioning of ATMs.
  • Often performed by on-site staff or technicians and includes basic troubleshooting.

Second-Line Maintenance (SLM):

  • Necessitates high-level assistance from skilled technicians or tech support groups.
  • Entails complicated fixes and might involve software updates and handling more complex technical problems.
  • Usually carried out by expert service professionals.

Our team also provides Laramie and the Wyoming territory with Video Cameras, CCTV and Video Surveillance.

Video Cameras:

  • General term referring to any device capturing video footage.
  • Can be standalone devices or integrated into various systems.

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television):

  • A subset of video cameras used for surveillance.
  • Typically includes cameras, monitors, and a recording system.
  • Commonly used for security and monitoring purposes.

Video Surveillance:

  • Encompasses the broader system of monitoring using video technology.
  • Includes various components such as cameras, recorders, and monitoring stations.
  • Involves the continuous or periodic observation of an area.

These terms are interconnected, with video cameras being a broader category, CCTV being a specific type within that category, and video surveillance representing the comprehensive system for monitoring and recording.

Reach out for video surveillance, cameras, alarm, access control, ATM, ITM, TCR, check imaging, managed services, professional services, server hosting, safes, lock work and more!

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